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Intro: it's that now or never moment

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

photo by me - quote by Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī, a 13th-century Persian poet

If I don't push and put myself out there—then who will? The above Rumi quote helped me to believe in this exercise. It said to me if I don't say out loud what I seek, who is to know?

It's been just over sixty days since I left my position in retail management. As I have been looking, applying, and networking the feelings of isolation aren't subsiding. Writing all those cover letters that go into the internet application void is an emotionally exhausting process many job seekers are probably all too familiar with. So I decided to offset the anxiety with a creative form of self-expression—hence my resume site. Again, this is just the introduction. I have work to do. I haven't selected a formal name for the site - is already taken. Oh, so many Jennifers out there. I'm also sure that this site is not solely about me; but more about my learning and experiences over the last few decades of a career, and well, maybe a bit about my life. I may send out a survey to crowd source a name. I am familiarizing myself with the Wix format and fine-tuning things like the Connect page. So for now, please reach out via my email at I am looking forward to the storytelling piece of the site and sharing as, the home page says; what I've come to believe is good, what I've learned about good, and what a good job may feel like to me. There is a lot of ground to cover.

I am looking to work with an environmental or social impact organization or manage CSR initiatives within the corporate environment. It is a pretty wide net I am tossing out there right now but, the key is: delivering resources that will make the lives of those we share this big blue planet with more equitable and just, while respecting and nurturing our natural resources. Please check back, and get in touch if you are intrigued by my quest for new employment.

Oh, and what better day than your birthday to scream from the internet mountain tops - I am here! It was that now or never moment.

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